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The Southern Uplands are good places to see wildlife.
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Dumfries and Galloway - has the expansive has the expansive Solway coast (salt marshes, mud flats, cliffs), river valleys and glens (oak woods, lochs, wetlands), and hills (moorland and mountain). Green fields, cattle and sheep, white farmhouses.


In the Scottish Borders - there are European-class coastal cliffs and sea birds on the east coast, rolling grassy hills, long views, forests, mixed farming, lochans, and moors.


In South Ayrshire there are mild flowery grasslands, and (best of all) the sunny western coast, from golden beaches and sand dunes to the black cliffs and crystal shingle strands. Seals whales, seabirds.


East Ayrshire has the beautiful Ayr Gorge, hills and glens, green farmland, steep woodlands, idyllic streams, bluebells, moorland and mosses.


South Lanarkshire has the famous Clyde Valley, farming and forests, waterfalls, and history.

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